Maybe because it is one chunk of dark (lacquered) hardwood? Or because I have a huge tapestry of pine trees on the wall behind it? Or *something*? But, I need to get a (fake) little planter for this desk, I think. Would be the right move.nnAlso, I feel “at home” writing at this location in my apartment. Like being up against *this* wall, in the living room, makes *WAY* more sense than the *other* wall in the bedroom, because I genuinely despise spending time in my bedroom, unless I am sound asleep.nnNow, I am going to put on some music, carry on with the night. And like most nights, I get a bit of a boost of energy that makes me feel better than I had previously in the day. It’s one of the reasons I like Winter so much – more darkness!nnEarlier I ordered the ‘za I was mentioning, and it was very nice (I have most of it left, because I can only eat *maybe* 1/3 of a ‘za at a time (even thin crust)). nnBack later

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