This morning calls for four(4) cups of coffee. Mainly because I have no other beverages in the house :/ I also drank a boatload of water this morning, so I am not going to get dehydrated or anything like that from coffee consumption. But still, at 8:00 AM I am walking to BP to fetch a pop and officially start my day.

No clue on if I will be awake during all of that time (it is 3:45 AM right now).

I actually feel kinda good this morning. Like, just in general, in a fairly OK mood. I feel completely sleep deprived, but I know I am going to do something about that very soon, so I am not terribly worried about it. But, 7+ hours of continuous rest - that will be a game changer, I think. Very much so looking forward to it.


Anyway, today, Winter weather advisory in effect for the duration of the day. Freezing rain all day, bad roads, bad driving conditions, bad time to go all the way to St Charles. I'd actually be surprised if the trip up that way weren't call off completely. I can and will take stock at BP when I go up there (just buy a couple sodas + some sort of menial snack (and cigs, too)). But really, I will be inside the majority of the day.


I have some stuff for donation. The Navy blue dress slacks (which are too loose on me) will be given to the Pevely Pantry the next time we are down that way, as well as the Legendary Whitetails sweater - both in great condition, but I do not need them anymore. Those are the only two clothing items to be donated, but I will likely get some food for PP whenever I go, so it isn't just two clothing items.

Also, I am darkening up the wardrobe a bit. Getting a pair of Army surplus camo shorts (for Summer, obviously), as my REI shorts are worn and tattered all to hell (they are in the trash right now, actually), which is ironic, because they are advertised as "classic, do-it-all" hikers shorts that sound like they would last a lifetime. They lasted me three years, so...ok. The sweater that I am donating will be replaced in February, but simply with a black sweatshirt from Fruit of the Loom, because they are cheap and their threads fit nicely on me. And this FotL white tee (with pocket) that I am sporting right now, it will be replaced by an identical shirt from FotL, because this one has a slight tear in the corner of the pocket (a common issue with their pocket tees). I'd be better off buying a more durable pocket t-shirt from somewhere else, but the budget has no room right now :/ Though when money isn't quite so tight I'd likely go with Vuori or Wool & Prince, because I can be fancy like that sometimes ;)

Reminds me of a blog post I once read (about minimalism) called something like "The Last Pair of Shoes", about how a guy actually thought that he could get one, good, durable pair of shoes and never have to buy another pair again. And that he could do the same with nearly all the items in his life. But, in reality (he came to realize - and served as the purpose of the blog post), that "lifelong durability" is simply never the case. People need to buy things sometimes, and (almost) nothing lasts forever. Things can and will last longer if they are taken care of, but shoes wear out fast as hell. As do most clothes. And furniture. And beds. Etc. It's not even a question of consumerism, but simply practicality. And this is just how it is.

back soon