![]( the furniture in the living room to be in the *right place* in the living room. This arrangement is more “filling”, and makes everything look “bigger”, in a way. So, I think I will keep it like this.nnAcross the back wall, to the side of the flannel easy chair, I will have the dark mist forest tapestry (which is arriving in a few days – it has already made it’s way to N Las Vegas)nnOpposite that wall, on the cinder block wall to the right, I will have some photos that I took myself, and printed from Google Photos, and simply hung with Scotch tape on the back (no frame needed).nnI sort of want to *fill* the walls with stuff. And the bamboo shelving unit up front? I want that fxxxer filled with books (eventually). Right now a lonely copy of *The Art Of War* sits upon the middle shelf, but there are about nine books I have in my wishlist on Leftbank Books that I need/want to buy, and they will be scattered amongst the shelves WHEN I buy them.nnI think my favorites element of this room *is* the faux fireplace, but, I think the tiles beneath it give it a more “real” appearance, as an authentic wood fireplace would never sit directly atop carpet. Neither should this one, as the heating element is located at the very bottom of this unit, and it could easily mess up the carpet if left on for long enough.nnAnyway, this is the setup for right now.nnBack later

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