…this is your brain on blogsnn![]( questions?nn”Yes, I have a few! But mostly, who thought that the [Partnership for a Drug-Free America]( ad campaign of 1987 would actually *prevent* anyone from substance use?”nnI guess it worked, here I am decades later referencing it, and every time I see a cracked egg, I think; “my brain on drugs”. Of course if the human brain literally cracked open and emptied it’s contents onto the surface of a skillet, I think the heat (frying) of said brain would be a non-critical issue at that point. The brain has been destroyed, I don’t think the addition of heat will actually make the situation *worse*!nnBut whatever, props to the nine(9) people who worked together to make that campaign a reality (as I read on Wikipedia (linked above)).nnBut blogging, I wanna talk about it. I [wrote a post on (sub)TMO a moment ago]( (before two fearless eggs gave their lives for my dinner consumption), and I rambled extensively about the **how**, **why**, **what for** and **who cares** of blogging. I really liked writing that post, it felt good.nnBut after I finished writing it, I stood on my balcony, with Red Bull in hand, and thought to myself: “I should just *introduce* myself to some blog(ger) people”. Whoever the fxxx it is, whoever the fxxx they are – just make myself “known”, and bring myself “out” to the attention of others who “DO” this. nn”This” being the hobby, or lifestyle, or whatever OF blogging. Generally regarding high-frequency, long-length, long term blogging activities.nn*Please* do not think what I am about to say as “pretentious” or “snotty” of me, but there are *few* people out there who DO this. I have found maybe a handful, a gaggle, a small smattering of other online individuals who write with a passionate effort, and a consistent fervor, and a deliberate emphasis on everything they put online. I do this, as it is all I want (or can?) do, but I want to see “others in this boat”. If I had a time machine, I’d hop back to 1999 (not really, tech is much better now) and see an avalanche of people doing “this” online.nnSo, whoever the few stragglers (or “new” people) are out there in this realm, I wanna know them. I want to discuss and correspond about life and times of…this stuff.nnSo, there’s what I want to say. nnHope everyone is doing wellnnback soon

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