Cal Newport (author of “Digital Minimalism” (which I have yet to read)) [writes of an Analog January where you DON’T check Twitter for 31 days]( I keep up with Cal’s blog posts via RSS (I used to use Feedbin, but now use 1feed (which I still have to spring and get a “Premium” account for)), but regardless, whenever CN has a new post go live on his bloggo (Study Hacks), there is always something there worth reading.nnThe post linked in particular is pretty self-explanatory: don’t check Twitter for a single month (January 2022), and do something *else* instead. Wow, fucking radical proposition! And when I think about it, it’s sort of sad that we live in a world where such a seemingly easy suggestion IS, in fact, a trial by fire, INTENSE/EXTREME “**Challenge**”. But people are hooked on that ish, and there would (I guarantee) be NOTHING easy about not checking Birdsite for 31 days for those who are (still, for whatever reason in 2022) locked in to the dopamine-promising-but-rage-delivering service of Tweets of Rage.nnI know that the first 30+ days of *me* leaving Birdsite (Sept. 2019) were rough, and my brain had yet only BEGUN to heal and decompress after a YEAR and 30 days of being away from the service, I’d say. It takes *forever* to really regain your grounds for sanity after X amount of years of encountering such negativity to that magnitude. It’s like Twitter is traumatizing people through anxiety and rage-fueled high blood pressure. I seriously think it shortens people’s lives and makes what little time they have left an unpleasant one.nnIf you still use “The Bird”, do yourself a favor and take Cal Newport’s challenge and avoid The Big Blue Bastard (Twitter) for a month in January 2022 (or, *right now*, if you like), and see where it goes. nnnn

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