Sitting here with the sliding glass door open, having coffee (because my stomach is a bit more settled now), and listening to the wind chimes from my neighbor’s patio while the breeze goes on by. Not bad.nnI sometimes think for me to enjoy the quiet, there has to be a “loudness” in my head. Or something to compare the silence to. But on most occasions (like now), I just enjoy the peace and quiet all the same, despite any internal noise.nnDefinitely felt weird the past couple days, though. Mostly due to the #stlwx being terrible (for this time of year). It’s been sunny, warm, 65-ish degrees (AKA perfect, just not for late-December!). I am a “true Missourian” who likes to experience ALL seasons, and when it is time for a deep chill, I am ready for it and I welcome it. But this year, it is a warm and dry Winter, and I doubt we’ll even see single-digits by late-January (like we do every year). This also means good hiking weather, too, but I’ve been fairly lazy on that front, as well. I *am* maintaining weight, though, and am at 214 pounds (down 30 pounds from two years ago :)), so no complaints there (*and* my A1C has improved, another great development). But losing *more* weight to get to the “proper” weight (for my body type, and also to be within the “green zone” on the BMI scale) – THAT is the goal!nnSo, overall, things are ok. Just staying on track, I suppose.nnBack laternn

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