Over on my buddy Mike's blog, he wrote this entry "Three weeks and days", and I friggin' loved the person he quoted towards the end of the post (a person named Red Ambrose), and it goes;

"patience is overrated. I’ll just take it all now."

It's great :)

And it reminds me of how I, too, try to put a special emphasis on Now (in fact, I generally capitalize it in my blog posts, because the word/meaning/state-of-being is so important to me). And for me, it (the emphasis, or attention paid-to Now-ness) originates from when I was going through a difficult time in early-2015, and I was always either jumping back and forth (mentally) between mourning the past and fearing the future - I needed to simply focus on the Here and Now. I was changed forever when I heard the voice of Chogyam Trungpa (I belive is the name) at the beginning of the movie "Zeitgeist: The Movie", and he talks about "spirituality being nothing more than a dealing with intuition" (I'm am slightly paraphrasing), and how we, everyone, all of us, are constantly acting and reacting, to everything all the time. And he was sort of describing how one perceives their actions/reactions (be it paying no mind at all (or, auto-pilot), or being hyper aware, and always being "present" on what it is one is doing).

But what really struck me, was when he discussed how the "Here and Now" is "so powerful, some cannot face it". How it is the only thing that truly is and the most overwhelming force when one chooses to embrace it - because it is (as I, personally, see it) a direct acknowledgement of consciousness, itself. And of course there are elements of awareness, consciousness, and even hyper awareness and heightened consciousness that can be strived for, and even "acheived", should one want to be more aware, in general - but, having an almost "uncontrolled" type of surrenduring to one's own consciousness, that is a mindfuck that some people could never deal with. I am not even sure I could deal with such a thing. And also I suppose it is (or may be) what some people refer to as a "religious awakening" - everything so raw, fast, real, and significant. All the time. As CT put it "reacting moment to moment, spot by spot, constantly".

fascinating stuff