Fetched a pop from the vending machine a bit ago, and as I walked to the laundromat, and a tad after I got back, I started thinking about social skills, communication, empathy, reading body language, sensing the energy of another individual or room of people - basic human smarts, basically.

My mind just sort of wandered onto that subject. Onto that concept, and element of human nature. And then I realized that I had that choice to begin with (sort of like meta-cognition in a way (or, being aware of ones own line of thinking)). That choice being; allowing my mind to wander. To let a thought pass and another one arrive in its place. A moment (or moments) of time come and go with no direct and immediate compartmentalization of those moments. Not a "heads up" vs "heads down" thing - no night and day. And I sort of realize at that point, that the two things intertwined; that of socializing, social elements/skills/queues, and being an empathetic person as well as the ability to let a thought, or concept, or belief, or even point of awareness occur at any random time.

And I also think that both of these things are depleted or at least dissolved (or perhaps not even developed to begin with) for people who have a high cell phone usage. As very few "social things" (skills) are picked up on, used, or practiced when one is on a phone. Tone of someone's voice, receiving the energy of a room or an individual, reading anything in regards to body language (you have to be looking at them, afterall), and just a sort of general understanding of "how things work" as well as being able to let a thought, or thoughts, or series of them, or cognitive thinking, reasoning, or even understanding, come and go without an ON/OFF switch, so to speak.

So there's a small observation. I could go on, but I am positive that most people would consider (or are thinking right now) that the insinuation here is melodramatic and over-cautionary. That of the consequential trade-off of the "greatness" (fun, neat, shiny!) of smartphone usage, and that of being able to set a limit (if even a self-imposed limit) of how much and how often and when one uses their phone.

It's (as always) up to the individual to decide. Just saying.

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