The livestream I watched a bit ago, it has me thinking of how things are (for me, now) versus how things were (for me, at one time). And how at one time (2006-2011), I couldn't sit down at a computer (I barely used a smartphone until 2012) without having some sort of "back-of-the-mind" (or subconscious), sort of expectation that I would have some sort of "impact" on the world, the Internet, the dialogue surrounding such and such topic of the day (primarily revolving around celebrity gossip, pop culture, tabloids, and things like that). I had to have "a say" in things, in a big way. I had to have a blog that was "big", and I had to have "pull" in the community (or consortium) of other gossip bloggers online. It was a narcissistic endeavor, and it was absolutely self-centered and ego-based every step of the way.

But that was then, as where Now, I feel that I am (and I am) a much more simple type of individual. I 100% believe in the "hobbyist blog" type of environment, and just doing what I like to do and enjoy doing it and writing about it, sometimes. As my motto for this blog goes (which I stole from an art historian): "I write about things that I like, to help me understand why I like them". Easy as that.

Just taking note on all this. How I am considerably different now than from how I once was some years back. 180 degree turn, in many respects - and considering that egotism, and narcissism, and self-centered intent are nothing more than toxic things, I'd say that making a healthy/good 180 degree turn in this scenario is a positive thing :)

back soon