I’ve got the desk in the living room now (as photographed before), and currently, it is just the desk, the chair, and the items on the desk. And I think I am going to keep it this way. No stuff *surrounding* the desk, and no big “setup” flanking either side of it, either. Cleaner this way. Better. More minimal :)nnAs of Right Now, it *is* a bit goofy that I have my easy chair in front of the kitchen island, but it has to be there because the Xmas tree is where it would otherwise go. I *could* move it into the bedroom, but…meh, it is fine there for now.nnThe question becomes: what do I do about the TV set that is coming my way in early-January? I seriously had no idea where I am going to put it, what I am going to do with it. I certainly do not need an external display, as I have been down that road, and one is simply not needed. I am not buying any furniture (currently) to set the TV on in Jan., either – as I am buying a stand for this MBA and also a (long overdue) amp/DAC for improved audio quality when I am listening to music. So…wth?nnI will figure it out eventually.nnBut yea, I like this rig. It works!

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