I do not have WiFi at my apartment. It was a $75+ per mo cost, and I knew I could tether from my Android phone to my MacBook no problem, and I couldn’t justify the cost after a while. I *hate* looking at a long list of bills every month. So, I payed my last Internet bill and then cancelled my service (which was shotty, anyway, because the router/modem (which AT&T combines into one unit now) was old and fried). So, I just tether with PDAnet+.nnBut even this is becoming fairly annoying. So, I am thinking of getting a “*real good*” phone and putting the Mac away for a while, as I can just use my Logitech MX Keys keyboards with the phone (as long as I have a proper stand for said phone, because looking *straight down* at a phone *flat* on the desk is a neck-killer, for sure (trust me, I’ve been there)). nnAn iPad is an option, too (albeit a much costlier one), but I already have this Mac, so I cannot justify buying an iPad when this machine already works perfectly fine. That, and I bought the MBA with the sole intention of using the thing until it craps out – 4-6 years from now, I would imagine.nnSo, the iPad is basically off the table. A good (probably Android) phone would work OK, I think. nn**Why not just get a stand and use the Moto G7 Power I own right now?**nnThe G7 Power I own is on it’s last leg. I have owned it for two years, it’s been dropped, tossed around (onto the bed, onto chairs, onto the desk, etc.) and the processor (SnapDragon 600…something) is moving at a snail’s pace at this point. I DO love the battery life on it, though. Still very good on that front. And I love the screen size (6.2 inch). And the camera is OK. All is fine other than the processor. nnSo, in all likelihood, when I upgrade the G7 Power to the G Power (the latest iteration of this model, only without the number scheme in the title), I will pick up a stand and go at it with the MX Keys keyboard and the phone for a while – sort of “break it in” a bit, and let the MBA rest for a little while. nnNot necessarily trying to go “mobile-only” again (like I was for two+ years), but want to have a different experience than being in “laptop mode” every time I use the Internet.nnBack later

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