I know (or assume - as I cannot predict the future) that I will never write an actual book. I'd like to, but something about the "buckled-down" dedication to the thing is a daunting and unpleasant task, I think. Mostly because submitting a/the document through the usual channels in an attempt to publish in a traditional manner seems pointless to me. Getting a (traditional) book published in 2022 (and the past decade prior) without a whole host of credentials/accolades under my belt first, is the equivalent of getting a movie script accepted by Universal or Warner Bros from an unknown director - it virtually never happens. So, the entire "buckle down and dedicate X number of years" to writing a document as such would seem to be an overwhelm of high hopes and ultimately crushed dreams. Not to mention the "task at-hand" of NEEDING to create such a book. So, it's kind of a "lose if you try, but try just to lose" type of scenario - it goes nowhere because it starts from literally nowhere. And also, I have NO IDEA what people want out of a writer, out of a book, out of something their settling in to read - because I am ignorant of how most people think.

I also have an overarching belief (or personal "theory of life") that any/all successes come with a varying degree of both luck and prestige. A type of "I deserve such and such bushel of roses" for having done a thing (that many could do, some don't do - yet, others have done), and an individual who had a concentration in that space takes on an attitude of entitlement to a particular accomplishment for having "done a thing". Essentially, "look at this drawing, daddy!" form of creation - be it something brilliant, or mediocre, or honest, or just plain dry - the actual attitude and mindset is what makes "a thing a thing", or something noteworthy more so than other manifestations in the same realm.

Originality is all I can end up concerning myself with, in the end. Maybe I can drum up some prose that are not like others. Maybe I can hammer some text that makes others think/believe/want more for themselves. Maybe through practice and pitfalls I can make "a thing a different thing" - despite formal acknowledgement or fanfare. At least that would be an aspiration of what I would like to do, and perhaps am doing? I just know whatever does (or is) happen(ing), does so for a reason.