Not just *this* pipe, the pipe I ordered this evening, but THE pipe, a pipe worth keeping for a very long time and just “sticking with it” for a year or longer. nnI’ve had…probably a dozen pipes since 2018 – most of which were corn cobs (Missouri Meerschaum). Most of them were relatively good smokers. The “best” smoker I ever had, though, was a Stanwell 98 Lovat. The pipe I ordered this evening, a vintage Weber, is *also* a Lovat (which is a pipe shape).nnSo, I hope to keep this Weber as “the” pipe for well over a year (hell, the pipe itself is (more than likely) dating to the 1970’s or the 1980’s (as mentioned previously), so this is definitely a pipe with history).nnAnd I always want **a** pipe. Not several. Not even two. Just want to have **a** pipe to keep around, smoke daily, and generally smoke the same type of tobacco in it all the time. Codger, in a way.nnSo, I hope this pipe is *that* pipe. nnback soon

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