I have like a kindred dynamic with my journal/blog. Whatever it is that I write about, I think about (dwell on) for some time after I write it. I never want to be absolved of this “I wrote it, I own it” type of “responsibility”, but, I DO put a type of *weight* or *significance* with what I choose to put on a piece of paper (and of course I mean text editor).nnBeing self-conscious about what I write does literally nothing but constitute Writer’s Block, and it is a struggle/journey in and of itself to even *articulate* what it is I am thinking/feeling into a written format, let alone having some sort of arbitrary obstacle of *what*, or *how*, or *should* I write XYZ. nnSo, it’s sort of a “practice makes perfect” artform, I suppose, but I view it more like a “better to write now and ask for forgiveness later, than to ask for permission beforehand” type of scenario. nnThis is all well and good, and serves me well 98% of the time, but sometimes I write out some sxxx that doesn’t “do” much for me long term, other than bring on unwanted/un-needed trains of thought. A patriotism to the entry that carries a lot of dedication to “see things out”, or to “run it (the context of the entry) up the mental flagpole, and see if **I** salute”.nnI doubt I’ll avoid this in the future. What I want to write, or feel like writing, I just go ahead and get it written regardless. So maybe I will keep up the “one cancels the other” approach to journal/blog entries? Write some ish I can’t stop thinking of, and then write something different (better?) afterwards to replace the previous thought pattern?nnWhat others could possibly gain from reading it (*any* of it) is beyond me. But I hope it helps, or is enjoyable, or makes people amused or happy or whatever. nnAll the bestnnbe back soon

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