I was sitting here thinking about sentimentality. And minimalism. And I’ve more or less re-reached a certain conclusion (again), that:nn- some things are sentimental (exclusively), such as photographs (in any format/medium), videos (for some), and writing (for some). Those would be things that are sentimental. nn- other things *can* be sentimental, but are (just) things first and foremost. Putting any level of sentimentality behind them is doing so for the sake of doing so, as they are far more utilitarian than they are a sentimental “product”. Sort of a “shell” of a memory, feeling, emotion, story, etc. That is what I would consider sentimentality ABOUT things. nnI, personally, try to avoid putting sentimentality behind things that are not meant to be *exclusively* sentimental. nnFor example: my late-Father’s Citizen wristwatch – I remember conversations about it, times he was wearing it, him getting it rebanded at one point, and him and my Uncle “L’s” appreciation of that particular brand (Citizen). But, I will *always* carry those memories, conversations, and the emotional attachment to them with me for the rest of my life. The watch, itself, holds no significance in regards to those things. It’s a “shell”, or sort of a “physical trigger” for the emotions, stories, etc. nnSo, I just want to say that sentimentality about some things in my life are good, they’re fine, they will remain and stay – BUT, to put them into any item that isn’t providing the specific purpose of BEING a sentimental item, then I can let go of such “physical triggers”, and just remember what is good about them. nnThanks nn

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