I have the budget all made out, and I am happy with what is getting bought/paid for in December. But there are other things that must be *done* in the month of December, too. I shared some of those items in the previous blog post, but I also have to:nn- do laundry at the ‘rents on Wednesday (incl the blanket for my bed + shower rug in the bathroom)nn- get my hair cut Wednesday, after all the other running around is donenn- get State ID made (which I already mentioned)nn- buy a carton of smokes to tide me over until my proper Red Virginia pipe tobacco arrives via TobaccoPipes(.com)nn- buy items for the house (Tide Pods, TP, Bic razors, Clorox Wipes)nn- put $$ on my laundry cardnn- buy a Xmas Tree from Karsch’s Village MarketnnFun stuff. Busy, indeed.nn

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