I am a walking/talking/writing example that you don’t have to have jack shit to talk about in order to “do some writing”. Seriously, I have *nothing* to talk about hardly ever, and the text still gets written. Many people have a theme, or at least opine in a witty way about XYZ topics of the day, but me? I just say whatever stuff comes to mind.nnIt’s also a guaranteed (again, I’m living proof) way to NOT have a direction with what gets written, and to not retain a readership, and to not have **things of interest** come up within said writing.nnBut at the same time, all things that get written here are **things of interest** to me. A journal that is haphazard, sporadic, and a waste of *most* people’s time (unless one likes to read online journals (as I sometimes do), or, unless you *are* me). So, it’s not all for nothing.nnSo, I’ll wrap up this small ramble with “quipping” about how I think this blog (and several blogs I wrote in the past) are good examples of writing without a filter. I suppose that is the best way I can describe what I have gone into detail about before on this blog, about how (for me) writing has always been about removing the walls of writer’s block, and just *getting the words onto the screen*, and being more comfortable with a conversation, a correspondence, and an external dialogue of “what is thought = what it written”. And that’s all.nn

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