So, I hurriedly cleaned up my kitchen after making a good dinner of fried egg (real butter) + avocado and put on a bagel. Very tasty, filling, a true/real meal for the first time today (I've been slumming by on straight Kraft cheese and small portions of ramen noodles w/ off-brand soy sauce (small portions because the sauce was/is so damn bitter/tanic that it is like flavoring a dish with concentrated motor oil - the worst!)). And yes, I managed to string some money together by doing another CL posting and selling (at a DEEP discount, considering what it's valued at) the Zelda Skyward Sword game for Nintendo Wii, but, it had the 35 year anniversary soundtrack cd included with it, composed by a well-known orchestra of all the games different songs). I had looked online and saw what it was going for some time back (six months ago?) and that game with that soundtrack cd included with it fetches $300+ easy - I sold the fxxxing thing for $55 (lol?). Not a bad price for a used game, all by itself - but, the soundtrack version (in mint condition, btw) could have fetched more if I had patience, or the luxury of patience, and sold it in a traditional format online somewhere.

Anyway, I am not here to babble about game sales (I am not even a gamer). No, I am here to remark upon (and possibly reassure those who happen to care (idk?)) that I am fed, and I will get by/get through for the next several days as I await a larger/different sale on CL of the Polk Audio TSi100 standmount speakers OR/AND the refund from the Amtrak ticket. The latter will likely not hit my bank account until a much later date due to Amtrak's backwards, delayed, garbage refund cycle. But, that will get here eventually. I just need to offload the speakers as soon as possible so I stay fed, haha.

And, the "main course", or, the POINT of this blog post, is to mention the reminders list that I wrote up just a bit ago and put in my "lists" file on Standard Notes. Now, I did write up a three-part list this morning called "TAKING STOCK" of the things I will need to get through, survive, and thrive for the foreseeable future. Stocking up on goods is a thing I will do every six months or so, and some of that was "shaken"/disrupted by my excursion to The West, but, I am getting back on my game, and I am going to be buying items in four particular categories: FOOD/TOBACCO/HYGIENE/and LIFE GOODS. It is a fairly long list of things that need to be bought, but all MUST be bought. I published the entire list here should anyone care to look at it. But, I made another list just now that I am calling "Smol treatment plan", and it is more of a personal list of THINGS, actions I need to take, in life to get back on my own good mental ground. Sort of a self care checklist of personal responsibilites that I was all too happy to write out in visual, textural format. It's a shorter list (six bullet points), but a relevant one, nonetheless. It's both kinda short term and long term, but all the points on it must be met. Fore sure. However, due to the personal nature of said list, I will not be sharing it online, but, it's a lot of stuff that wouldn't be of particular interest to an online community either way, so...yea.

So, that's that for that. All is good and organized and I feel quite nice and "straightened away", so to speak. Haha.

back soon