there's the workout I've been missing

haven't worked out (strength) in several days. Missed it. Now I did it. Feel better.

Good results with this, too. I can tell muscle tonality is increasing, and also seeing some sort of muscle isolation/layering type deal happening just beneath the surface of the skin (mostly biceps).

To describe the layering/isolation sentiment I mention, it's almost impossible TO describe. People can/do (well, some do) notice it in people when they are frequent weight trainers, or resistance bands...trainers, or, you know, do some element of strength training. There's like tonality and "laying" going on just beneath the surface of the skin that is 100% recognizable by the human eye (if someone is looking for it), but likely isn't a thing that would be picked up on by AI. Kind of a biological/chemistry-dependent type of identification process.

But, that is more noticeable to me now. Or in me now (I've been keen on noticing this trait with people since I was a wanna-be "body builder" when I was 16-19 years old (never got to the "body builder" levels of strength, but I maxed out at 210 (benching 210 pounds) when even I weighed 178, so...fairly strong)). many years went by without any type of strength training. What I do now has been consistent for two years. And I will continue.

Anyway, I feel good.

back later

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