So, I went through the files for the dbyll theme for this blog, and this time actually took the time to read through all of the README file in the Github repo for it, and saw exactly where I needed to go to remove/replace/edit the buttons in the left navbar. Now, it is simply an e-mail link (with an RSS link that appears when you hover over it, too - cool!). I also went into the post.hbs file and saw the stuff I shared earlier today, and decided to delete all of that, because I don't need "share" buttons on each post, nor do I need an "Author" section on each post (which amounted to a huge picture of myself, with no other info, but, ok). So, basically, I have everything looking the way I want it to. Dapper. Love it. :)

10:15 PM now, and the outdoors are still a frozen, slushy, nasty mess, but it is what it is.

Back soon