I uninstalled everything on the Mac (everything except Homebrew because that is apparently impossible without a SOLID network connection). Deleted files, folders, apps a bunch of shit that is now useless to me on a device that cannot/will not stay connected to a WiFi signal. Speaking of Signal, that needs good WiFi, too – it stopped working. nnLuckily I backed up hella shit to Google Drive and pCloud BEFORE deleting the files/folders locally, so I can re-access them in the future from those cloud services if need be (not likely anytime soon). nnIt’s too bad. A god damn tragedy, I’d say. But what can I do? NOT use the computer for what it is intended for?nnSo, I am mobile-only again for the time being. Perhaps permanently. nnAnd I am done with Apple products. 1000%. nnI can’t reset the Mac, as it’ll brick itself. I know this because I’ve done EXACTLY that about five times before with other Macs in the past. So I’ll never do that again. What I WILL do is hang onto it for another year (even if I never remove the thing from the closet (where it now resides)) so I can (somehow) mentally say the thing “lasted” two years (even though it didn’t. Other than a local writing device perhaps?) and after that two year period is up, I can either get someone else to fix it, or just trash it, it doesn’t matter. It was a phenomenal mistake to buy ANOTHER failed Apple product (like their keyboards, like their TouchBars, and like the M1 chips will prove to be). It’s the 1990s all over again with that company – but they got a couple trillion in the bank now, so good luck convincing them they need an incentive to fix anything. nnBack to mobile

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