About a half hour until the virtual therapy appointment over Google Duo. Made instant espresso. And I also refined the REI cart to just the "bare necessities" for geocaching, which basically means a small notebook and a emergency whistle (just in case). I have a pen - a space pen can be gotten later. I have GPS on my phone - a compass can (and will!) be gotten later (once I try an analog method of geocaching). I have a flashlight on my phone - a dedicated (mini) flashlight can be gotten later. And what it comes down to, is I have to have enough $$$ for the GoRuck Rucker 3.0 backpack ($215) and have $$$ for the Geocaching subscription ($30) and have $$$ for the bits and bobs from REI (~$25). So, these items will work, and I will add to it/them over time.

Now, time for espresso