therapy session - complete

Had a good therapy sesh. Discussed the zine, as well as a book my counselor recently self-published, medications, and my ongoing abdominal medical mystery that I am still figuring out with the Primary Care doc.

Sunny, cool day today. Went to see Neighbor "S", he was asleep or gone. IDK.

Got a voter registration form in the mail, filled it out, and I think they really do try to trip people up in some ways. Cynical for me to say, but their address section IS messed up (they do not ask for a State unless I am filling out the (optional) former address part - and I DID change my address on this form, so I opted to fill out the formal address section as well, so I can let them know what state I was/am in, otherwise they wouldn't know, I suppose).

The rural address elements of the form are odd, too. Like "what neighbors are nearby"(?), and N W S E coordinates I could fill in. WTF? I am being serious, too. Look at one of those forms the next time you get one (if you are in the U.S. - I have no idea what voter forms are like (if any) in other regions, but I digress).

I got nothing else for now

back soon

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