Had the therapy session at 11:00 AM, as expected, and it went well, though it only lasted 33 minutes, because we ran out of things to talk about. Or maybe the counselor was “rusty”? There wasn’t too much dialogue, and I wasn’t getting *too* much feedback. **I** talked about everything I could (the strained relationship with my parents (one of whom already passed away some time back – so that is water under the bridge)), some other family drama that doesn’t involve me, but *effects* me, the new(ish) medication working well (2.5 months on it now – so far, so good), the recent weight loss (down from 205 to 201), etc.nnAnyway, it was good/fine. nnThe day is sunny, my stomach is churning because I slammed a Mt Dew Code Red too quickly, and that stuff is like pure syrup :(nnI will rig up the MBA to the TV later, watch another **8-Bit Guy** playlist, and blog mobily (not an actual word).nnA day in a day in a daynnback soon

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