I was able to confirm the therapy appointment for 1:30 PM today, just after finishing up the last blog post, and after therapy (which went quite well - discussing the therapeutic benefits of writing (+ medical stuffs)) I made an egg sammy for dinner, and then had a small nap. Now, I sit in the easy chair sipping hot instant coffee, and wait for the Motrin to kick in. The sliding glass door is open slightly, with the STLWX temps having dropped by at least 20 degrees as the day has gone on. The coffee is tasty, but always a bit weird to have right after an egg sammy, because eggs + coffee don't always "blend", in my opinion. I mean, it blends better than eggs + OJ, or eggs + milk, or eggs + juice, but coffee always seems to be a substance that requires it's own "show" on my pallette. Doesn't like to share the tastebuds, lol!

the unknown road ahead

I am a big proponent of living in the Here and Now - it's what I've done for the past 6+ years, I'd like to think. Very much so a present moment, ephemeral type of person - be it in the writing, or in my mindset, or my worldview. Small plans, to-do's, essential life requirements; those get done, as well - because adult life in the Western world (and elsewhere) requires as such.

But now, I sort of get the premonition, or the instinctive feeling, that there is yet another "unknown road ahead", and it will have twists, turns, speedbumps, highs, and lows. And it sort of starts tomorrow with the tooth extraction, and then sort of goes from there from the NP appointment next Monday. See, the appointment I have regarding a referral that will either confirm or deny some info regarding the pain - and likely/hopefully, things will be A-OK. Yet, if things are not A-OK, there will be some steps taken to make them A-OK. And I am confident (even optimistic) about all of this, but again, pain is pain and I simply want it to go away.

So, I am not a terribly graphic person (particularly about my own medical conditions), but I am a fairly candid person (on this blog/personal journal, anyway), so whatever I feel like needs to be shared here will be shared likewise.

In fact, it is even difficult to write about the "unknown road ahead", but of the very nature of what it is - unknown. So, I will not say anything else regarding it. In the future, sure - but for Now (the Here and Now), I'm just rolling with the times :)

Anyway, the coffee was good. The Motrin seems to be working well. The pain is fading off/subsiding (sort of get the Pink Floyd lyrics stuck in my head with words like that; "there is no pain, I am receeding". LOL!). And also, indigestion kicks in a slight bit due to the coffee + egg mix, which I assumed would happen, but still a tolerable combo.

I sometimes feel like there are a million things I could write about what I am thinking/feeling regarding (the) pain (not only the consistent tooth pain (which I've written about), but also the new pelvic pain which is plaguing me now). But, I refrain of indulging to the umpteenth degree unless I find it to be totally necessary.

back soon