I was sitting here randomly thinking about aging. Not that I feel old, but just about how some celebrities **never** age. I saw somewhere two side-by-side photos of Paul Rudd and Julia Roberts (both photos including both Rudd and Roberts) and one photo was from 2004, and one photo was from 2019, and they had not aged a DAY in 15 years!nnThen, I thought of the most “ageless” celebrity – Marilu Henner. She was in her 20’s when she was on the show *TAXI* (which ran from 1978-1983, according to IMDB), and I remember seeing her in the early-2000s, and thinking, “wow! She looks the same as she did 20+ years ago!”nnSo then of course I had to watch the theme music/intro for *TAXI* on YouTube (which didn’t include any actors in the opening credits – just an Oldsmobile style taxi cab going over a bridge in NYC (I think it was the Manhattan Bridge, not the Brooklyn Bridge)). nnAnd in the opening credits, I saw Jeff Conaway’s name (I forgot he was one of the stars of *TAXI* (*TAXI* is also where Danny DeVito, Christopher LLoyd, and Tony Danza got their start, if I remember correctly). So, seeing Jeff Conaway’s name, I thought of his *other* big acting gig he did, as John Travolta’s wingman in *Grease* (the movie). nnAnd, that made me think of John Travolta’s first (big) acting gig – *Welcome Back Kotter*. So, I went and watched *that* theme music/intro on YouTube (amazing how many shows from that era (1970s – and before my time) were filmed in NYC. Or at least the intro part was, they were likely FILMED in L.A., but IDK).nnI remember watching both shows all the time in the early-90s (reruns), and thought they were the funniest damn thing. The cityscapes always blew my mind, though (and still do, looking back on them) – New York was *so* dirty, and *so* grimy, and *so* run down at one time, and that was just around 50 years ago! Kinda cool, in some ways. nnAnyway, now I will be singing the *Welcome Back Kotter* song in the back of my head until I am committed into a mental institution.nnback later

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