There is an interesting project on Github (by Paul Miller) called [Code On Tape](, and it got me to thinking:nnWhat if people made oldschool Commodore 64-like games (like the ones that came on cassette tape) for the *Web*, and just made the whole (text-based) game part of the browser window, itself?nnI have no idea how a legitimately interactive “terminal” could work within a browser window, but there *has* to be a way to do it, right?nnThe games were like:nnprompt > you are standing in the living room. What now?n ncommand > go leftnnprompt > went left. Found key. What now?nncommand > pick up keynnetc.nnI think I, personally, may have only played a game like this a couple times in my childhood (perhaps late-80’s, very early-90’s), but I have *seen* plenty of examples and demonstrations of them on YouTube on retro game channels, and I always wanted to have Web versions of them.nnAnd not necessarily something like (though, that could work, too – in full-screen mode), but an actual website that is nothing more than one, single game. No graphics, no sprites, no moving elements (besides the cursor), not many visual elements whatsoever.nnI need to look into this.

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