Thinking more of [the web on tape]( (hypothetical/theoretical) game I mentioned, and trying to figure out (by guessing) just *how* that could all come together. I mean, I have no idea what software I would use for it, but I am trying to think of all the nuances of *programming* the thing. There *has* to be a set number of options out there for like “Superman 64” (for the Commodore 64 – not the Nintendo 64 (which was briefly reviewed by AVGN, hysterically so, I might add)).nnAnd what I mean by “options” is, if someone types in:nncommand > go up nnAnd there was no built-in action for the command “up”, the response/prompt would give an error that would look something like…nnprompt > don’t know what “up” is. What now?nnAnd then there is the fact that a story line would have to go with it. I figure, just make it start with a guy entering a computer lab of some sort, looking around, finding a tape, picking up tape, finding a tape player connected to a modern computer (everything is fictional here, mind you), and then being able to visit websites “via tape”. There could even be a method of putting in legit hyperlinks into the game to visit, say, the first Web result of DuckDuckGo, or something like that. Or, they could “visit random website” (as an easter egg (should they think to type that command)). Or, they could type in a fully functional URL, and open a new window (in their IRL, *actual* browser) and go to that website.nnNeat stuff. Fun to think about (especially when I’ve had a lot of caffeine! LOL!).nnAnd that would be the entirety of the game, really. *Very* basic. nnThis is a lot better than my “Pong” game I managed to slap together for CS50X using Scratch 2 in 2018, I’ll say that. Of course, the purpose of *that* project was just to become familiar with git, as that was how assignments were submitted for that particular course.nnAnyway, I always wanted to make an *authentic* game – not GTA 5, not some graphic-heavy rollercoaster of a title, just something *more* than (just another) Pong. nnI’m going to keep up with this, see what I come up with.

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