I like VA/Per tobacco, which is Virginia (VA) and Perique (Per), and usually it is made with Red Virginia and…Perique (which is a Virginia leaf that has been “modified”/processed to increase the natural sugars and nicotine content). The blend I usually get is Louisiana Red Bulk, which has a *very* RED Virginia within, and the bag notes (the aroma of it in the bag, that is) is that of vinegar. The Perique that is blended throughout the…blend, is an Earth-y type of aroma. But, the blend I’ve gotten recently, is Virginia Spice, and it is the same as Louisiana Red Bulk, but it has cigar leaf mixed in.nnThis is good for two reasons (in fact *only* two reasons, I cannot think of another good reason this is good) – 1) it is slower burning. It chugs along smoothly, and doesn’t burn “red hot” in the bowl, 2) it provides a “full” feeling that one would expect from a blend with cigar leaf, or Latakia, or Kentucky.nnSo, this will stay my go-to blend. I have two(2) POUNDS of the stuff arriving in the mail this Monday, and that will be nice. I have a mason jar of the stuff right now. nnThe slow burn of this blend allows me to “sip” the bowl. Not freight train the stuff down like a dryer, “thinner” VA/Per blend. nnDelightfulnnThat’s all. back later

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