I don't know how many times I have to read blog posts that go something like:

I did X, in order to accomplish Y, with the hopes of maintaining/continuing Z.

Like, "I rejoined Facebook (or some other social network) in order to keep up with friends/family, so I don't miss out on etc."

And then it goes on to justify (or explain):

I will only use it/them X hours a day, X amount of days of the week, or only when X notification(s) come in. And I will not be installing the app for (social network of choice) on my phone.

So, here's a question: why would anyone at any time want to do a thing that they later on have to justify to themselves or anyone else that they in fact DID that thing?

I mean, a guilty (or shamed) conscience is a common trait whenever someone goes back to, or partakes in, activities of an addictive nature. Or negative activities. Or toxic activities. It's sort of like saying one is stealing a car, because they have to get somewhere - so yea, you had BETTER be able to explain that shit, cause it is a thing that should not have occurred to begin with!

And I "get" that people air their dirty laundry on the WWW (via blog posts and whatnot - hell, I do that sometimes, too!), but the next time you feel guilty about something you're doing, better to just NOT do that thing, at all. It's a free life - live it as you wish.