The Rio Oakville

I stood balconyside a moment ago, torrential rain falling all around me. Loud, big, violent claps of thunder booming through the sky. I stood safely, dryly, on my balcony with the water on three sides. Occasionally I glanced back inside to check the steam rolling off the cookpot to determine if I should come back in to pour my coffee.

As I stood on my perch, I noticed the "Rio Oakville" flowing through the courtyard. A large, deep puddle that goes through the buildings, and into the parking lot, and down the side of the dumpster and into a storm drain. It forms when the rain is heavy, and I generally try to witness it.

The three-sided rain, the backward glances of if coffee should be readied or not, and the flow of torrential puddle movement, it had me thinking of all of it being a "parable" for me, and as I see life.

Just a moment before I went to the balcony, I thought deeply of my life, and the time I was born. 1983. Those born between 1975 and 1985 likely have an altered view of the world. A niche within a niche. The economic and cultural prosperity and change from the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s era were more or less trickled out, and the mid-1990s were yet to be, that of technology-fueld cultural change, and economic affluence.

So, being and existing in the world (and seeing, experiencing) it from a young viewpoint in the late-1980s, was very much akin to seeing both an analog world, being changed by a digital world. But also, the times of the 1980s (and likely some years before) were like that of a petri dish, or perhaps nursery, of ongoing and predictable disposition - in both economics and culture.

So I, being very much OF and "FROM" that time, sort of feel as though I am (or was) in a middle ground type of generation - that of having NOT seen the "boom" of the mid-20th Century, yet, still knowing (for a decade or more of my life) what "things were like" pre-digital revolution.

And the reason the triple wall of rain brought to mind a "binding" of this mindset, was because like any thing or any person or any service that tries to be "the best of both things", generally ends up being the worst of both.

I can't claim any "old(er) Gen X" views of the world, and I cannot hand over a complete worldview of being "of the Millennial Generation".

I kind of sort of "am and around" an era where thing were, and had been for some time, but also going towards an era where things happened and were happening.

A niche within a niche.

So, I stand, in presence of the flow of Rio Oakville, perhaps digging into coffee here and again. Staying aparty to it all.

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