I’ve been journaling a long time. That is, writing in a digital (online) journal. I once blogged professionally (for ad dollars), but once I experienced that odd/weird world, anything related to “blogging” seemed stale, and overly-structured to me. So, I almost always refer to my online outlets as journals. And I’ve been at this since October 1, 2014. *Most* days of *most* weeks I write at least an entry a day (usually a couple or several). And since 2018 it has been on (because the writing format/editor is simply the easiest of them all (in terms of online “blog” platforms)).nnBut, I went over to my, which has my ten most recent blog posts listed by title only (not the whole post written out – so I can see them all there on one screen). And I thought to myself: “*this* post has a ‘theme’ or a ‘story’ to it, *that* post is just in-between/filler content, etc.” and then I looked through other recent posts, and I think I DO make an effort to have a tale to tell. Not an ongoing (never ending) story (which is the lamest movie from back in the day, by the way), but more or less *blips* and *parables* of things in life. Observances of existence, and recollection of events that have happened (either just moments previous, or at times long gone). A storytelling sort of an outlet.nnNothing to draw from this, nothing too magnificent anyway. Just that if there *were* any theme to this journal (or really, the journal on [TMO](, as this is a (sub) blog for it), be it a deliberate theme or not, it would just be that of continual (or at least occasional) storytelling.nnThat’s allnnback soon

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