...is that I become less and less interested in the goings on on the Internet. I mean I read/see the same shit all the time (blogs, YouTube channels, etc.) but I don't really spend time "seeking out" random garbage like I did before. Mostly because I cannot focus or take time to truly enjoy what I am reading/seeing, etc. There is too much (oral) pain in my life at the moment, and another section that is causing pain/discomfort, as well.

In fact, I will not even dance around the mayberry tree any longer (that is probably an old saying), and just be slightly more detailed. I am experiencing a spasm-like pain in the midsection of my body, and before anyone e-mails or mentions what it could be, I am sure of it - I have something going on with my right testicle. The pain starts there, and then goes out to the outer-thigh (causing spasms) and there is also a recurring pain in the right midriff (or, lower stomach), and also right pelvic bone/muscle/skin/whatever. Now, this could very well be a hernia type situation (but I do not know), it could be something worse (that, I also do not know), but whatever it is, it is certainly related to the right-hand side, and I am positive that it eminates from the testicle, not somewhere else.

So, anyway, after I played some phone tag (well, "app tag", I would call it) with my PCP physician via a medical scheduling app, I was able to contact her and she wanted to wait until our next appointment (mid-March), and I essentially said I couldn't wait, so I have an appointment now with a nurse practitioner (NP), and she will see me Feb.28 (which are the appointments I was mentioning in a previous blog post before). So, from that appointment (in fact the purpose of the appointment) I will get a referral for a Urologist, and then I will go from there.

Some some things I want to get off my chest straight away (since this is my digital diary, of sorts):

1) IDGAF if anything is there that would require a testicle removal (hernia, malignancy, whatever - as long as everything is taken care of and gets cleared up)

2) If anything else is causing the spasms/leg issues, that will be addressed, as well (say, if it is prostate-related - as my late-Father had prostate cancer once, but it was "fixed" with cryotherapy treatments)

3) whatever it takes, is whatever it takes - if they say "here's a small injection, and that'll clear up the hernia situation", great. If it is anything more or beyond that (to whatever degree) then measures will be taken to clear up the situation.

And yes, indeed, I am being slightly cavelier about the whole thing, because that is just how I am.

Other than that, I have nothing else to say about the scenario until Feb. 28, when I see a doc (or "NP") and then get a referral.

That's it.

be back soon