the thermo-blinds

I've noticed something on 90+ degree days like this - if I keep the thermostat set at 70, and I keep the blinds closed it will stay at 70. If I crack the blinds open just a little bit, it rises to 72. Closing the blinds, brings the temp back down again. So now I am running a half-assed experiment where I keep the blinds cracked juust a tad, and see if I can maintain at 71.

To be continued

Of course 70 is ideal for a day like this. It's 91, hotter earlier, and a heat advisory in effect. The walk was nice (in the sun, in the humidity, in it all), and the casual smokes in the breezeway were nice, too. So, 100%, I am a Summer Person(TM) now. I struggled, and huffed, and gagged, and shook, and sweat, and palpitated, and nearly passed out for over five years in the deep heat when I was 244 pounds. Life is abysmal at that weight (for me, everybody has different "frames"/heights/etc.). Sub-200 (in the 190's)? Yep, that's where I belong (and where I am at currently, always moving up or down a pound or so).

Thermostat update

Hit 70. 71 must be an obscure # for my cooling system.

Onto coffee


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