Kinda/sorta sunny here, then a cloud moves in and darkens everything again, then sun – wash/rinse/repeat.nnGot my work cut out for me in terms of dev stuff this AM (which is usually the case), so, I may just wait until I have a large burst of energy after sunset to dig into it. Notice how I put everything off until the “last second”, but there *is* no deadline – so, I just put off stuff indefinitely or until I have a big (self) motivating push to DO something. Haha. That’s usually how it plays out, anyway.nnSo, I am thinking about a chair for this here desk, as I do need SOME type of chair in the kitchen (at the built-in island). Right now, the kitchen chair at the desk works fine (comfy, beaten-to-hell but still reliable). But the desk *deserves* it’s own (GOOD) chair. Something that fits in with the overall “aesthetic” (hate that word) “vibe” (hate that word even more, and I didn’t even need to use it in this scenario!) of the desk, itself.nnSo, I need to look into that. nnBack later.

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