Yep, it sounds weird. AC is *not* scented, there is no “dedicated” aroma to that element of an HVAC system. But, when one stands outside for X amount of minutes in the warm sun, and then they walk into an air conditioned room, they can SMELL the air conditioning. nnWhat is it? I know that when Winter hits, and I turn on my furnace for the first time after it staying dormant all Spring/Summer/Fall, there is a “roasted lint” smell to it, because there are literally small fibers of cloth-like sentiment being burned off the heating element. And that is what fills the room/house with that aroma for the first several minutes of turning on the heat.nnBut the AC? nnOutwardly, and in the “real world(TM)” there is nothing that could cause this, in my opinion. So, it is (probably) the change in one’s sense of smell when OUTSIDE and IN the sun for X amount of minutes that causes the sudden “what the hell is this?” reaction with our nose when we re-enter an air conditioned room.nnAt least that is *my* theory.nnAnyway, I’ve been sitting outside for a while. Waiting for my Instacart order to arrive (soon, I think), because my ride flaked out on taking me to the store for a large grocery shopping trip. So, I am just waiting on them to arrive. Then after the food is away, I will sit out on the balcony again.nnNice day, for surennback soon

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