![]( this from my balcony. The contrast of the blue against the gray and white clouds was nice. Camera might not pick up on all of it, but definitely a sight to see :)nnI’ll spend the majority of the morning, and likely the afternoon out here. Venturing inside here and there to grab coffee, and tending to random things that need be done. nnI text ed my therapist, just to check in, and we will have a for-sure appointment in early-June. nnMeds are doing good. I took the normal dose last night, and it is better to take them AT night. They make me too groggy in the morning. And on that note, I slept well, too. nnUpdates here. Updates there. Some updates on [(sub)TMO]( But not on Ghost ( because that bloggo is retired. The URL I will do something with though (eventually). nnNo new software has been decided on for the VPS. Something will come along and I will self-host it. Self-hosting note app suggestions? I’m all ears. nnImporting everything from separate files on Joplin is definitely a PAIN, and I completed 5 of 16 files (or I suppose folders) and I am holding off on doing the rest until…whenever. But I WILL complete the “mega document”. Will take time. nnAnyhow, more stuff laternnBack soon

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