Certainly quieter here than in South County, but then again I am not *right next* to a busy road or/and a crowded parking lot, haha. I can actually hearing the dogs breathing as they sleep in their beds. nnAlso, I am thinking of making an ambient music playlist on YouTube for sleeping, because the *Skyrim* playlist from last night helped me doze off A-OK, and I enjoyed it (and the scenery depicted in the “video” was cool, too).nnKinda related: the moms bought a new (65 inch Samsung) TV, and she said she has no use for her current TV (don’t know the model, or the size – but roughly a 40 inch), and when I asked if *I* could have the old TV, she said “no problem”. No one else wanted it, and I *definitely* wanted a TV if it was free, so I am glad to be getting it. *When* I will be getting it exactly, IDK. Perhaps before Xmas? No clue. nn**Why is that related to what I said in the paragraph before?**nnBecause I am going to buy a new Chromecast and set up the TV in the bedroom (no way it is going in the living room) and use it for ambient music playlists on YouTube. There may even be some other peripherals bought for it (like perhaps some RetroPi gaming rig of some sort. That would be cool!).nnAnyway, I will be here for the remainder of the day, dogsitting. They are being lazy hounds right now, but eventually they will get some energy I suppose.nnback later

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