I like the New Balance shoes I have. I got them in late-October, and they are the lightest shoes I have owned possibly ever. But there is already a hole at the top of the right toe, so I have to get something else for daily use, as just use those for hiking (which they DO make a great hiking shoe). Chances are, I will go with a pair of Sanuk Vagabond Trippers, or whatever they happen to be called. They are made from hemp and are essentially moccasins, and I am guessing they can be worn without socks (which would be very nice). They are nearly identical to the Sanuk Vagabonds that I had before (twice!), only these are actual shoes, and not just slippers. Very cool looking, affordable, and will be my go-to for any weather that isn’t hot (as I have Xero Shoes sandals for casual/hot weather). I am also interested in the classic Vans slips-on’s (the checkered kind), but those are not wide in the foot, from what I understand. And if they are *too* narrow, they will still make me uncomfortable but in a different way than if they were simply too short, like the last pair of them that I had (I am usually 9.5, but that model shoe requires me to get size 10).nnOf course, the priority of April is to get AT&T WiFi back in the apartment, right away. If I have to put off getting the Sanuks anytime soon, that is ok, because it is not a “dire” purchase, or anything like that. But they *will* be bought eventually. The WiFi is *much* more important, as it will make life a lot easier, more convenient, and I can finally start to use the Chromecast I got in December with the TV that I received in January (got them in backwards order, but I have them both now, both were gifts, so, grateful).nnAnyway, enough babbling for now. Back soon.

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