So I was thinking about why I have  desire to make my own (small-time, self-serving) blog platform, and what it boils down to is, I want a truly unique-ish, and totally self-serving space on the Internet. Not a self-centered type of spot (there can/will be communication with other folks, as well as RSS and everything else), but, something that is just there for myself. It can be as lo-fi and junk-looking or as complex and overly designed as I want it to be. It's up to me.

Also, it is how I started with blogging in 2002 (not that there were a hell of a lot of choices at the time, not like today anyway) - I just cobbled together some HTML and put it on AOL Member Spaces and then linked every entry I made to a series of AIM chats, Newgrounds(.com) forums, and perhaps a few sent through e-mail. It was all <p> / </p> stuff and was not dissimilar to what you see Jesse Eisenberg's character doing in The Social Network (fun movie, terrible service (Facebook), and definitely weird acting in that one). But what I am doing Now, is a little bit different (fairly more complex), and AIM chats are long gone, as are a lot of the contacts I had through those e-mails back in the day (most of them Newgrounds members, some from other random places, like AOL itself, because people's usernames were their actual e-mail (I think mine was lonoindaytona[@]aol[.]com)).

So, it's all for S&G's, really. It gives me "something to do", as I have been watching paint dry for long enough. People (ALL people) I think, want to be doing stuff. It doesn't matter what it is - just go out there and do whatever!

I'm happy about this endeavor. As well as the Parody Project I plan on doing when I have more $$$ in the bank! LOL! I will be doing that thing (which isn't too costly, really) in March, and it will just be a "build it for fun" type of ordeal (most of it is already done, actually - just got a few things to go :))

Back soon