Over on the blog [1st Draft](, the blog’s author (he? her? whoever it was) mentioned the FreeWrite writing device [in this post here](, so I was going to look through the archives of *this* blog (**TMO**), and see where I had made a similar comment about it (the FreeWrite) being a very cool, but very hipster writing machine. But I couldn’t find the post which I mentioned it (I think I wrote an *entire* post about it some years back, and how I followed the FreeWrite KickStarter since 2012 or something, and how it started as the HemmingWrite, etc.). I scoured my “archives” of the hashtag #blogging, and #writing, and #amwriting, etc. on **TMO** – but no luck.nnAnyway, this sent me through a clickhole of looking at old posts on **TMO**. The hashtag #quarantine was interesting (which I had started to number starting at Day 3, and then stopped around Day 8, but, I still documented a lot of the earlier days of going into quarantine and COVID-19’s first breakout). As well as a bunch of other frequently used, but long since abandoned, hashtags I used here (I don’t use hashtags anymore, usually). And it was sort of a stroll down memory lane. A nice thing to do when one journals their days frequently (or logs their life, in general – doesn’t necessarily have to be a *journal*, but can be a photo album, or a video archive, or whatever).nnA lot of it was weird. My *tone* of those older posts were less “interesting”, to me. Weird how one hears the sound of their own voice (in their head), and then hears it played back to them on tape, and they think: “**I** don’t sound like that!” – and it is sort of the same way with old/new writing; “**I** don’t write like that!” (be it because the old(er) writing is *better* or *worse*, but either way, it is different). nnIt’s also comical how I put zero effort to titling my posts with anything of topical coherence. Just “having coffee”, or “hi”, or some shit like that. Might as well have titled each one “…” or not titled them at all, haha.nnAnyway, glad I do this journal stuff. It’s cool, fun, and as time passes, can be reminiscent. nnback soon

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