Birdsite. Twitter. Democracy's Dumpster Fire. The place where I spent the majority of my days for over a decade. It's terrible (I know this, you know this, and I am pretty sure people who never used it before are at least aware of how horrible it is). I still "see" stuff from there every so often, either through someone embedding a Tweet onto their blog, or screenshotting a Tweet (and blogging it), or what have you. So, I've "seen" stuff occurring there over the years, even though I deleted my account there in late-2019, and never go to the site, itself in any way. But I think, that is just one site. How did I ever get caught up in such obsessive over-use of it? Like, one site, on the Internet, with billions of sites.

At one time, it was THE one site - I rarely did anything else. Only to hammer out a blog post did I click away from Twitter (or move away from the app, which was one of three apps on my phone's homescreen (the other two were "Phone", and "Messages")). But there's so, so much ocurring elsewhere on the Internet, and it's weird how I see Twitter (now), and just view it as "one" (relatively small, marginalized) thing. No matter how viral a Tweet goes, how many followers someone manages to stow away, no matter the "Like" count, no matter what happens at any time - I never see it, and would probably gag if I even thought about "checking stats" like that.

Pointless service

So, I have no special advice in this regard. "Start your own blog"? Ok, yea, you can do that, or not. It doesn't matter. "Join Mastodon"? Ok, do that too/instead, or don't. Fairly similar to Birdsite, so if those are the exact and specific kicks one needs in their life to make themselves feel "full" (when they were never empty), then do that, instead. "Write in a journal"? That's cool. Considering how much time people tend to spend on Birdsite, I'd imagine there would be a lot more time to journal. Or paint. Or do whatever else that makes one happy, and that could also be considered a "healthy"/"productive" hobby.

But, to each their own. I'm just glad I don't have to siphon away my finite time on Earth checking that feed.

Hope everyone is well. Back soon.