Just gonna stay up late, even though I have not much to do this evening. Besides write, I suppose. But I've been thinking about "style" lately, which is a completely superfluous and unnecessary thing to think about - at least in terms of clothing choices (I find it to be much more relevant when it comes to choice of (my) haircut, and tattoos, and whatnot). And I also think that with a small (manageable (AKA affordable)) wardrobe, one can choose to sport any "style" or even fashion they choose. It's like the Jay-Z lyrics of "I just want a Picasso": put anything/everything else on the back burner and get that one good, expensive, "fashionable" clothing item (or any expensive thing), and go from there.

But I, personally, do not do this (hardly ever, I don't think). If I buy something that costs a fair deal more than other products in their respective category, then it is because it is "made to last", and is super durable, reliable, or even timeless. That criteria can be met for cheap, too - like the $10 Coleman cook pot I use to make every cup of coffee I have. It has been with me since 2010, and still going strong. Perfect item. But then again, some things only meet that criteria for a price - like the backpack I am buying in February. There are a lot of "tactical" looking backpacks out there, and nice ones (durable/reliable, etc.), too - but GoRuck are sort of known to be "the best" when it comes to durability and ruggedness.

Anyway, I have no reason to being dwelling on "style" for any reason at this hour on a Wedesday night. I'm almost 40 years old ffs! I'm probably an aged hipster and completely "old" looking to people who are in the younger crowd, and they are the ones who can/should concern themselves with STYLE and FASHION and what's COOL and what's IN. And I am not even 100% certain I ever had a terribly unique "style" even when I was in high school. I wore mostly simple workout clothes, because when I got home from school, that is what I would be doing: working out! I should probably just go back to that. LOL!

be back in a bit