High was 65 today. I had the sliding glass door open all day and enjoyed it immensely. I *needed* some fresh air in this apartment, big time. And tomorrow will be *another* nice day, so I am looking forward to it. nn**satisfied** vs **not satisfied**nnI had to actually stop and *convince* myself I was satisfied with today’s progress in regards to web dev stuffs. Like, I had to say (to myself, mentally): “you set up hella stuff and got further than you were yesterday or the day before that – don’t stress”. But, I *was* feeling like I “didn’t do shit” because the entire project had not been completed in an afternoon. I need to learn patience, for sure.nnSo now, I sit back with a bowl of VA/Per tobacco and try to get ahold of my therapist, as I have to cancel tomorrow’s appointment, because I will be at the dentist. But I will be rescheduling for early next week, I’d imagine. nnOn with the night, whatever it may bring

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