Feeling OK. Leg is doing OK. Foot swelling is down. Looking more normal again, I’d say. *Feeling* more normal again, too :)nnNow, coffee. It’s a nice night here, albeit a cold one (45F, and dropping).nnBy the way (for people who have accounts on, and, I made [a new post]( over on D.w.a, asking people how they found W.a. I made the post earlier today out of pure curiosity. Would like to hear what anyone says, as I think I started using W.a for a few reasons:nn1) Tumblr was failing me, miserablynn2) I wanted a platform with no social media elementsnn3) I wanted a *minimal* writing platform (no “click here to start writing” cruft to get in the way – *just* the editor)nn4) I wanted the *option* to write anonymous posts (which I don’t do very often anymore – it’s been a couple years)nn5) wanted a service that put privacy, safety, and security FIRST, and therefore was more in-line with my personal valuesnn6) wanted to blog more, Tweet lessnnThere are probably more reasons I cannot think of, but these are the ones that come to mind.nnOverall, a good platform – best I’ve used since starting blogging (Ghost is very nice, too, but W.a is *much* more minimal, and therefore easier to use (I have an excuse not to THINK too much about what goes where in terms of design, etc., haha)).nnback later

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