They should just consolidate all news publications and networks into one, large, ad-supported consortium of pessimists and call it (which might actually be a website, idk?). nnLike, the headlines are **so** ugly and negative no matter where you look, and even the “neutral” stories are saturated with innuendo in terms of just flat-out TELLING the reader/viewer what to think/feel. nnThey mitigate this somewhat obvious bias by hearing “both sides of the issue”, but only in an elementary sense of the practice – no matter what is being discussed, the journalists (be they newly graduated pencil pushers or millionaire Yes Men) will still convey (through body language, tone of voice, or written narration) how YOU are suppose to *think* about any given issue. nnIt’s like self-imposed mind control. A voluntary participation in a zeitgeist of human thought. Call it the Hive Mind, Like Think, or whatever – it’s fucking toxic and no one should be consuming that shit. nnThat’s all. Be back later.

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