So, I just got back from the mailbox, and yes, my package *did* arrive. Can I get it? No. Why? Because the postal man/woman didn’t put a keychain on the key to inform me *which* parcel locker to retrieve the package *from*. It’s *just* a key. I tried the few lockers that were there (none worked), but chances are, this key doesn’t belong to a locker within this municipality.nnIt’s not an exception, but the rule now: the USPS are completely negligent, incompetent, and insufficient to be trusted with America’s mail.nnBy the way, due to staffing shortages, or inefficiency, or whatever the case, this particular mail trip didn’t even *show up* here until 8:00 PM. LOL?nnSo, I get to go bother the postal worker tomorrow, and ask which mailbox is which, where the key goes, or whatever, and ask that they *hand* me the damn package, because I am positive they don’t know where this key goes to, either. They’ll be baffled, I am sure, because there is a different postal worker every single day at this location. nnBut, whatever. I’m already over it. Like I said, this has been the rule, not the exception, since 2019 – the USPS sucks. Write it in stone.nnNow, I am having coffee, and enjoying the eve, or trying to, at least. I have the fan on, the sliding glass door cracked open, letting in some fresh air.nnBy the way (on the subject of the mail again) – shouldn’t everything be digital by now? With bar codes for things that require “proof of document”, or whatever? Like, e-mail is good enough. No one *needs* parcels in a mailbox. I use Informed Delivery for USPS to scan my incoming mail, so I know what to expect for that day, but, wouldn’t be easier to just get the letters/bills/etc. *themselves* in my e-mail?nnI already do paperless billing (all bills are sent through e-mail (and text)), my rent stub (bill) for this apartment still comes through USPS, but I can get that *myself* from the leasing office, or (of course), they can e-mail me the bill. Packages aren’t an issue because the “important” ones (thankfully) get delivered through FedEx, or UPS, or DHL, or whatever the case – USPS just loses the damn things. nnAnd I am not suggesting a privatized postal service (which would be worse than the situation stands now), I’m saying organizations, businesses, and individuals *should* be taking the initiative themself to just e-mail people, not rely on a service that is unequivocally unreliable. nnI remember when people thought e-mail would go away: “I’ll just Tweet at them”, “why wouldn’t I just log in to places with Facebook?”, etc. – tides definitely turned with that narrative over the years, for sure. E-mail is important. Better than other options, is what I am saying.nnBack later

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