the most beautiful/tragic song

This one is very familiar for anyone who was alive in or around the 1980s:

Alphaville "Forever Young"

Go and listen to that song on a nice high fidelity system, as it sounds damn nice on the TIN T2 headphones, and that isn't precisely a "hi-fi" system, but having that synthed out...whatever instrument it is, and the singer's voice, and the tragic lyrics of what I interpret as a life lost too soon.

Verse 6 hits some sad notes:


...this definitely makes me think of someone missing a lost friend/loved one.

I suppose in my life, I sort of "got lucky" that I didn't have any close friends/family pass away at a young age.

My Grandfather, Tom P (whom I'm named after) passed away when I was 16, and I could "handle" that at the time. Plus he was 84, and lived a good life.

But before that I didn't lose anyone. And I never lost someone who was young, themselves.

In 2013, a friend who was a "best" friend my Freshman year of high school, Sean "R" passed from a heroin overdose when he was 28. So bizarre to think as we all carried on, and saw 30, and now approaching 40, he will have never known the trials and tribulations of that decade.

Another person whom I (and Sean, actually) were good friends with, Carrie "B", died just several years ago in her mid-30's. Her passing was too distressing and tragic to write about here, so I will not go into detail.

Just sort of caught up in the melancholic mood/emotions of immensely dreamy and sad music.

::sips coffee, straightens self out::

back later

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