the morning progresses

3:00 AM. I woke up from a brief sleep (3 hours?), and then I took my nightly meds. I take them every night now, and I am thankful I am on that routine. Helpful. Calming.

I smoke cig butts here and there occassionally, and they are gross, and I am sick of cigs in general. I am 100% sure I will quit at or around age 40 (I'm 38).

The evening is nice other than someone banging on a door a moment ago. I was awake already, but the pounding almost shook the walls. Don't know who.

I texted a fair bit with my buddy "B", who suffered a small heart attack the other week, and he is in recovery and he is "gigging" for a Tom Petty cover band (The Bad Promises), and doing guitar tech stuff. Showed me an axe he got for free for all the help one time - good deal

That was earlier, this evening. As of this AM, I am just sitting here browsing the web.

Later I will stop by at the apartment of Neighbor "S", and "pick his brain" for a bit. Just BS'ing.

Tuesday, Independence Center. The best.

Schnucks after 6:00


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