Got up, cancelled therapy (had no coffee, no way to communicate), then bummed coffee from a neighbor, had a shower and made said coffee. Cooling now.nnFired up a blog post, decided NOT to leverage off my problems/complaints to the R.w.a community, and will just “store them” for myself, will write about other stuff instead. Good to internalize things sometimes, I think. Instead of `thoughts in` + `thoughts out` = `cathartic therapy`, I just figure I can have some damn time to *ruminate* on events in life. Make sense of what’s what. Not need to lift things off my chest all the time.nnGot some words and ideas from others about note-taking/writing/blogging in general. I am looking to put HedgeDoc on a VPS, and write/publish from there, as it’s a sincere (small) co, and there’s boatloads of support around it, and the software will be self-hosted by myself (as long as the maintainers keep up with bugs and whatnot).nnAnd there IS a public-facing element to some things (should I choose), so it CAN be blog-like. At least that is sort of my understanding. A friend also recommended iA Writer a few times, which I have used before (I used to keep boatloads of therapy/life notes in there during my time offline in 2015, and jumped between iA Writer and PlainText for things like that – I liked it).nnSo, I’ll look into some options. nnNow, the coffee is delicious.nnback soon

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